Are you a health professional, do you work in the fitness industry or are passionate about where your food comes from and aspire to a deeper commitment for healthy living?

Our Affiliate program will allow you to sell our Certified Organic products through your website, social media or blog page.


1. Attach one of our banner adverts to your online page.

Banners can be downloaded once you have signed up to the program. There are 3 sizes to choose from.
150px x 38px
250px x 250px
468px x 60px

2. When your customers, clients and friends click on the banner and purchase from our website the sales activities will be tracked to you.

You will be paid a commission for any purchases up to two months after that person clicked on our banner.

3. You will be paid 15% Commission on the value of each sale.

The commission on one Organic Whey sale is $5.85.
If your audience purchases 100 products in a month (100 * $5.85 = $585)

4. How do I get paid ?

Upon achieving $100 commission it will be automatically transferred into you bank account at the end of that month.

5. Advantages

* Represent a company that prides itself on quality, certified organic functional foods for optimum health.
* You do not need to hold or purchase stock.





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