Children were born to move! But these days it seems more and more of their out-of-school hobbies are sitting in front of a screen. There are a few things that will help encourage your children to love exercise, but the most important thing a parent can do, is love it too!

Our children learn from us, so we’ve got to get out there and run around with them. We’ve all got busy lives! But this is one change that will be for the better. My making time for exercise as a family, you’ll be spending additional time with your family and ensuring you’re all getting your heart rate roaring on a daily basis. It’s hard to know how to find the time, but a simple trick is to assess a week of usual routine. Often you’ll find at least one hour a day where you’re all simply using technology. We say use this time to switch off, and get sweating!

If your children are signing up to a sport, remember to explain the real commitment to joining. Sport teaches children very valuable lessons such as discipline, motivation, commitment and cooperation. As a parent, you need to help them through the process of understanding these lessons, because these will help them tackle the big world later on in life.

Teaching your children how to love exercise will not only be a valuable lesson for them, but will also allow you to find time to get into shape!

Here are our top 5 tips for getting your children to love exercise.

1. Join in!

Promote physical exercise by getting involved with your children. Go to the local park and throw the football around, turn some music on and dance it out, go for a scenic bike ride, spend the weekend surfing. Whatever you and your children enjoy doing, do more of it!

2. Mix exercise with family time

Family time is important! Without making a big deal about exercise, and simply adding it into daily life, your children will certainly love it. Find your local trampoline park, make a competitive game out of star jumps, dance often, or add exercise to your daily activities. Whatever it is, make it active, make it fun!

3. Let the kids join your work out

If you work out at home, get the kids involved! Use your children as weights, teach them how to do your morning yoga routine, or see who can skip for the longest! You’ll be surprised how much more you can get done when focusing your mind on your beautiful kids.

4. Turn off the technology

Have rules of when technology can and can’t be on. This means you too parents! When off, make sure you’re all outside enjoying time together, building up a sweat.

5. Sign everyone up!

Find a sport you can do collectively as a family. This increases your family time together, and teaches you all valuable skills.

Most of all, have fun!


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