Hemp Protein – The King of Plant Protein.

Hemp, the King of Plants.

The Hemp Plant

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis plant which contains barely or no measurable levels of the psychoactive compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). An extremely versatile plant, capitalized on by various civilizations for many thousands of years. Parts of the Hemp plant have applications in food, paper, fuel, rope, water filtration, amongst many other uses.

Hemp Legalised

Countries such as Canada, USA and those in the EU have well established Hemp industries. On the 12 November 2017, the Australian Government followed most other countries worldwide in approving the use of Hemp seed products as food. This legislative change allows Australian consumers to readily access Hemp based products and enjoy what has been widely acknowledged as the single best source of vegetable protein.

The INCA Organics Difference

As with all our products, INCA Organics ensures we only provide the best, fully certified, organic ingredients. Our Hemp is grown in Canada where we can ensure certified organic farming practices are adhered to and guarantee full trace-ability from paddock to plate. Our manufacturing is conducted in Victoria, Australia.

Inca Hemp protein is produced by pressing only the highest quality Hemp seeds in a series of small presses. This method allows us to maintain low temperatures and preserve the precious omegas in the powder. You will notice that our Hemp Protein has an earthy consistency and green color. This is a result of our low impact pressing. The INCA product contains 65% Protein in 100grams and is fully Certified Organic by the ACO.

Inca Organics Hemp protein contains Certified Organic Stevia (very minimal, 0.012%). This is a plant based sweetener that improves the flavor profile of the end product.

More information on the Ingredients used by INCA Organics can be found here: https://incaorganics.com.au/about-us-2/

Benefits of Hemp Protein

Inca Organics Hemp Protein products naturally contain all 21 known amino acids (including the 9 essential amino acids which cannot by produced by the human body and need to be derived from food). This makes Hemp a complete protein, capable of aiding to repair and grown lean muscle.

One of the key factors in choosing Hemp is the fact that the Hemp Plant has not been subjected to Genetic Modification, which can be the case with many alternative plant-based protein sources such as soy, rice and others. We view Hemp as a safe source of protein due to the fact farmers growing Hemp can avoid the use of pesticides, herbicides or petrochemical based fertilizers.

As a vegan raw food source, Hemp is a great source of fibre, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Zinc. Hemp is also easy to digest and in not know to trigger any allergies. The full nutritional profile of INCA RAW HEMP 65 can be found here: https://incaorganics.com.au/shop/organic-protein-raw-Hemp-65/

Uses For Hemp Protein Powder

INCA Organics produce RAW HEMP 65 and HEMP+CACAO. Both products are great as a power shake or smoothie. Enjoy as is, with your choice of nut milk, dairy milk, coconut or filtered water. Add fresh fruits to your blender with the powder to change the taste to your preference and gain from the additional nutrients.

Other uses for Hemp protein include adding a few scoops to oat porridge for breakfast, raw treat recipes, yogurt, smoothie bowls and cereal. When baking, Hemp protein can substitute around 25% of flour in many recipes, to give the end product a healthy boost.


Enjoy INCA Organics Certified Organic Hemp Protein




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