• When it comes to health and looking our best, ingredients matter, which is why I choose to use INCA organics as my choice of protein powder. As a certified organic product with only the purest of ingredients, not only does INCA organics taste great, but it is also great for you. I love adding mine to my morning smoothies-delicious!

    Danijela Unkovich
    Danijela Unkovich Healthy Always
  • Inca Organics had me at 'coconut' but really, the assurance that only the best and quality ingredients go into every Superfood Powder to ensure that my body is being nourished is what really stands itself apart. Without any chemical nasties my body is able to recover quicker following workouts, leaving me feeling energised, even after breaking a sweat! That's when you know Mother Nature's superfoods are at work!

    Kimberley Leggett
    Kimberley Leggett (Miss Universe Malaysia, Nutrition Coach/PT)
  • Training during pre season can be extremely tough on my body, I find protein helps with my recovery between sessions. With Organic ingredients and nothing artificial it is certainly a protein that compliments my nutritional needs.

    Dale Thomas
    Dale Thomas Former AFL Footballer
  • As a CrossFitter, it is incredibly important for me to find a protein that effectively replenishes and nourishes my body after the high-intense levels of training I do. After years of trial and error, I have finally found a protein that not only works for me, but also tastes absolutely incredible. Thank you INCA Organics, for providing me with the high quality and delicious protein that my body needs to sustain this level of training.

    Ebony Campbell
    Ebony Campbell CrossFitter
  • Supplementation is an important part of a patients wellness, and weight loss plan. Throughout my professional career the effectiveness of the product I prescribe is paramount to the treatment outcomes. The type of protein (A2) in the product, and the fact that it is Certified Organic, certainly provides a piece of mind and confidence in a sector that is very promotional driven. Patients report that they find the product gentle on the digestive track, increased energy and a good option as a meal replacement. I can recommend the INCA Organic range for individuals who are training regularly, on a weightloss program or seeking better health.

    Dr. Ryan Harrod
    Dr. Ryan Harrod Chiropractor
  • We love adding Inca Organics Superfood Powder to our smoothies after a big day at school. It's a great way to get some extra nutrition into the kids. So much goodness packed into every spoonful – that's a winner for me!

    Melissa Sweeney
    Melissa Sweeney Grounded Living Australia Principle
  • I've been getting up early for years, usually well before the ideal time for breakfast. I'm constantly trying different things to give me the clean energy required for the morning activity. Recently I've been mixing Inca Organics' protein powder (raw cacao) with coconut water and taking that first thing. It has been ideal to get me through teaching an early yoga class, doing a yoga session myself or even commuting to work.

    Lee Brennan
    Lee Brennan Iyengar Yoga Instructor
  • After struggling to find a protein which tasted great and was kind on my tummy (I can read and understand every ingredient listed on the packaging) I was thrilled to discover INCA Organics. Inca's Organic Whey tastes great, has a smooth texture and assists me to attain my fitness goals of building lean muscle mass and lowering my body fat.

    Charlotte Hannah
    Charlotte Hannah Fitness Enthusiast
  • In elite sport the recovery component is crucial. “What we expend we need to renew” Inca products provide an effective way to restore and renew the body from the rigours of training and performance. It is reassuring to note that Inca products are free from preservatives, additives and is an Organically Certified Whey product.

    Dr. David Buttifant
    Dr. David Buttifant AFL Sports Scientist
  • Working in a public hospital, my patients have differing nutritional requirements depending on their lifestyle and health. Protein is a key nutrient that can play an important role in managing chronic illnesses, treating lifestyle conditions such as diabetes or achieving muscle gain. INCA Organic Whey Protein contains only natural ingredients, tastes delicious and isn’t heavy on the stomach; making it a great choice no matter what the nutritional goal.

    Natalie Forgione
    Natalie Forgione Clinical Dietitian BND, APD
  • As a professional dancer and the nutrition and fitness coach for the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition Program, eating clean to stay lean is my lifestyle. Inca's ultra clean protein, is an excellent source of protein for my busy, active lifestyle. I love adding Inca's protein to smoothies or enjoying with water as a rich chocolatey protein boost. With its pure ingredients, I would endorse Inca's Protein as part of my healthy lifestyle and the Lithe Fit and Toned Nutrition Program.

    Rebekah Davey
    Rebekah Davey Professional Dancer and Nutrition Coach
  • I'm a Kangatrainer, and a busy mum, and I had been on the hunt for a tasty and Certified Organic Protein (where I can actually read and understand the ingredients) for such a long time! Finally, INCA Organics has developed something that tastes amazing, and helps support both my general health and also my training programs. As a mum it is really easy to focus all of your time and energy on your baby, and then forget about what you need to put in to your own body to support that... INCA Protein and Superfood Powders are super easy to have on the run in between Kangatraining classes when a nutritious snack isn't always available. I recommend it to all of my clients, it's completely safe to enjoy while breastfeeding and new mums in particular can really use the added nutrients.

    Alicia Drake
    Alicia Drake Kangatraining Instructor for Mums and Bubs

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